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LLC Formation Reviews

When we decided to open our company, we wanted to create an LLC. We worked with Fast Easy LLC and they got it done in one day for a great rate. They are knowledgable and helpful and have excellent Customer Service.

Barbara Herz

LLC Formation Reviews

We worked with Fast Easy LLC to form our LLC several years ago.  They have been helpful throughout the years and make sure we are on time with our renewal.  We have recommended them to several of our friends, family, and clients.

Russ & Jackie S.

LLC Formation Reviews


I was looking into forming an LLC and got overwhelmed by the paperwork and picking which State would be the best to form my LLC.  Fast Easy LLC were able to not only help me look up the name I chose for the company but were able to secure it at no additional charge.

Fred Sanchez

LLC Formation Reviews


I found Fast Easy LLC on the internet and decided to try them out.  Not only were they great to work with, they were able to get my LLC done in one day without any hassels.

Dan Bonino

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What is the Benefit of Creating an LLC?

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An LLC, also known as a Limited Liability Company, is an entity that is better for most companies because it has better characteristics than a S-Corporation or a C-Corporation.  One of biggest advantages of an LLC is it separates the owners in the company and their personal liability.

For the most part, LLC’s are most popular for small businesses and startups.  The affordability of setting up an LLC is what draws most business owners to this type of corporation.  They soon learn they will get liability protection and appreciate the tax benefits they get.  LLC’s are considered low maintenance and very flexible annually.

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Here are some things to consider when looking at an LLC

Protection of Personal Assets

A business owner can get protection of their personal assets with an LLC.  For instance, creditors cannot try to seize personal finances and assets as the LLC is the only entity they can come after. 

Tax Purposes

With an LLC, the profits of the company are distributed directly to the owners.  In turn, these profits are considered to be a part of the companies’ owners are declared on their own personal income tax return.  If the owners had a C-Corporation, for example, the profits are taxed through the corporation before they are distributed to the owners who then have to claim that on their personal income tax return.    Another way to look at this is, with a Limited Liability Company, profits are only taxed once where with a C-Corporation, the profits are taxed two times. 

Easy to Setup

The paperwork for a LLC is fairly easy to get setup and then maintain.  It is important that the business owner files the correct paperwork when establishing their LLC, there is not as much time, paperwork and expense as it requires to set up a C-Corporation or a S-Corporation.

Flexibility in Ownership

If a company has chosen to create an S-Corporation, they are restricted to how many shareholders they can have in the company.  They don’t allow corporations to be shareholders as well as individuals from foreign companies cannot be shareholders.  With a LLC, there are no restriction on the type of owners or the how many owners there can be.

Better Flexibility in Management

An LLC is not required to hold annual meetings to re-elect or elect directors and discuss how they conduct their companies’ business.  They also do not require a board of directors who usually oversee the companies’ officers and policies on a day-to-day business. 

LLC Things to consider

There are 3 Tax Classifications for an LLC

LLC Classifications

Disregarded Entity

If there is only one owner in the LLC it is considered a Disregarded Entity.  Simply said, the owner will claim any profits on their personal income tax return as the IRS does not see them as a corporation.

More Than One Owner

If there is more than one owner in a LLC it is considered by the federal government Partnership.  While the profits of the company do not pay corporate taxes before the profits are distributed, the profits will become part of each partners personal income.  Therefore, they declare it on their own federal taxes and the profits are not taxed twice like a S-Corporation or a C-Corporation. 

Options on Being Taxed

While most business owners who have an LLC and distribute profits directly to the partners, they can opt to be taxed like a corporation.  However, they would have to file as a S-Corporation or a C-Corporation which would require much more paperwork.  Keep in mind if the business owner does opt to file as a S-Corporation or a C-Corporation the IRS will view the company as a LLC.

Sole Proprietorship vs LLC

A Sole Proprietorship is considered the most basic type of ownership in a business.  While a Sole Proprietorship can have employees, many are run by just the owner.  However, if there is a lawsuit filed against the company, the owner’s assets are not only in jeopardy, so is their personal finances and assets.  

If a personal is as Sole Proprietor, it is recommended they set up a separate bank and credit card accounts in which to transact business.  It is not a good idea to commingle business funds with personal funds.  

A Limited Liability Company offers better protection for the business owner.  Should there be a lawsuit, the LLC will shield the owner/owners from losing their personal finances and assets.  

Sole Proprietorship vs LLC
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